Working Against Repeating Situations


Working Against Repeating Situations Community Organization is organized exclusively for charitable purposes of empowering all community members by providing educational skills workshops that will promote healthy mental, social and economic well-being.

W.A.R.S. provides all learning materials for it's programs, at no cost to the student, to ensure completion and success. Program topics include, but not limited to: GED preparation classes, financial literacy, community service and events, and college-ready assistance.

Community leaders, professionals and qualified volunteers in the top of their fields are recruited to lead these courses. This ensures the quality of the programs and provide real-life experiences in addition to the classroom experience.

Because everyday is a battle for someone



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Childcare Consultant


Allow us to provide information and assistance for early child care and education programs, business and industry, communities, etc 


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psycho-social intervention that aims to improve mental health


Personal & Group


Book with our professionals who will hear you out and help you learn solutions and strategies to cope with your stressors

Cognitive Behavioral



To encourage the youth to give back to their communities by helping them improve social skills, increasing self-esteem, promoting self-love and creating self-awareness through basic life skill training and mentality enhancement workshops. The purpose of this program is to allow youth to take control of their life, help them believe in themselves, enhance focus and direction, crystallize what they really want out of life, motivate them, help hem live a full and exciting life, and build self-love.


The Next Step Youth Program


To create a space that provides quality resources and tools for individuals in need of services that WARS doesn't provide. The purpose is to always be able to service the community.

The Resource Room

Women are Righteous Sisters Empowerment Group

To build an environment where women are uplifted and encouraged to be all that they are designed to be. The purpose is to empower women to be more open through social groups, girls nights out, workshops, and social skill trainings.


WARS Family and Community Outreach Program

To provide services to families and individuals in need of food, clothing, and hygiene essential products.

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